Suriname is a South American country located at the Northeast Atlantic coast. This country is also known as Republic of Suriname. It is situated towards the north from Brazil, west from French Guiana, and lies in the eastern direction from Guyana.

The Dutch and the British had colonized Republic of Suriname in the seventeenth century. Suriname gained independence on 25th of November in 1975. Dutch language is still spoken by the majority of population and it is the official language in the country. The population is dense in the capital named Paramaribo located near the north coast of the country.

Suriname offers brilliant biodiversity of the Amazonian's tropical dense rain forests. These forests are located in the souther part of the country and are greatly populsr for Flora and Fauna. Brownsberg Nature Park is situated besides Brokopondo Reservoir which is one the biggest man-made lakes on the planet. The most popular and the biggest reserves in Suriname is the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. Also, throughout the country there are several waterfalls. Raleigh, Blanche Marie, and Wonotobo waterfalls are a few to name.

Suriname has about 37% of Indian population. Aashna Kanhai is the ambassador of Suriname in India. Ambassador Aashna Kanhai inaugrated a consulate office in Bengaluru city in India. The consulate office offers a great assistance to Indians who are travelling to Suriname and also to Suriname nationals. This would catalyst investment and trade opportunities between India and Suriname. The office was inaugrated few months back in the presence of consul generals of different countries. A batch of pilots from the carribbean nation were also invited to the occasion.

Bauxite is largely being exported from the Republic of Suriname. The country's growth is strongly supported by Tourism. As a large part of the nation is considered as reserves and is protected by law, it offers itself as a great destination for tourists to experience nature and biodiversity. The national airlines is Surinam Airways and the country is well connected with different parts of the world.